sea glass…transparent…

coral heart

A friend told me the story of sea glass:
That true sea glass has rounded edges
And pieces like bottle tops and bottoms are most rare
As are the colors blue and aqua.
And in a piece of true sea glass
The original color remains the same
Only gilded by the coat from the sea.

A myth about sea glass is to return the broken pieces not yet polished
back to the sea as you make a wish.

Still broken, I throw these fragments back,
pieces of life, tumbled and tossed, through the seasons and storms of
raising four children, and caring for a mother with Alzheimer’s.
I hope these transparent pieces will be uncovered by others sifting for fragments worth keeping .

Vina Mogg is daughter, mother of four, wife to one for 36 years, and grandma to her grandpuppy Milo.  She is in love with God’s creation and loves to paint and watch the sunrise over Mt. Rainer in her homeland of the Pacific Northwest and lives, writes and paints full time in Windermere, Florida.  She is a caregiver and advocate for Alzheimers’, and a member of the Alz Author’s Association and Redbud Writers Guild. Recently Vina published in an anthology of essays, The Wonder Years: 40 women over 40 on Aging, Faith, Beauty, and Strength, by Leslie Leyland Fields, and in the Oasis Journal, and Ruminate Magazine. She has been a guest writer on  and Her poetry has been published on and

2 thoughts on “sea glass…transparent…

  1. Hi Vena, thanks so much for sharing this truly beautiful story! I just finished it and was so inspired by your heartfelt words and compassion!
    Warm Regards
    Sheri Carastro ❤️

    • Sheri thank you so mush for reading. It means so much to hear your encouraging words. I believe each of our stories are meant to inspire one another. Thank you again❤️

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